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Message to Myself at 13

What would you have told your 13 year old self? When I was a kid, I often felt awkward and out of place. I felt isolated from other kids because I was different. I preferred to read and write instead…

Interpreting Moons

How you ever considered the meanings of your dreams--what symbols they represent, what they may be bringing into your consciousness? In “Interpreting Moons,” I share about dreams I’ve had and their meaning my life and my Southern Italian & Sicilian…

The Kitchen Table

In many Southern Italian American families, the kitchen table is central to the household. Of course, it is where families gather for meals and celebrations, but historically, it has also been the the site of healing and prayer. In this…

Blood Memory

In this poem, “Blood Memory”, I spit lessons I’ve learned from my Italian American family and, in particular, my great grandmother.

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